Welcome to Rama’s Kitchen

“Rama’s Kitchen” was founded by Rama Ben Zvi 19 years ago, almost as an anecdote, as a unique restaurant in the hills that is open to the public on weekends only. Over the years Rama’s Kitchen has become a thriving culinary landmark and is consistently ranked as one of Israel’s leading restaurants. The restaurant consists of a wooden deck in the heart of a flourishing nursery overlooking the breathtaking landscape, which changes with the seasons, of the Judean Hills and the coastal lowlands. The magnificent surroundings together with personal service and creative, meticulously prepared masterpiece dishes makes for a total and uniquely special culinary experience. The menu constitutes a confluence of contemporary western cooking techniques and traditional Arab and Mediterranean cuisine that is characterized by simplicity and earthiness.

The Fire

On Friday Nov. 25 a major brush fire broke out that threatened to burn down all of Nataf. Within minutes Rama’s Kitchen was consumed by flames and completely destroyed. We